Dr. Geniece Hallett-Tapley was born and raised in Shelburne, NS, a small community with a population of ~2000 on the South Shore of Nova Scotia.  She graduated from Shelburne Regional High School in 1998 and then proceeded to Acadia University, where she graduated with a BSc in Chemistry in May of 2002.  While at Acadia Geniece met her husband, David.  Immediately following graduation, Geniece started working under the supervision of Dr. Frances Cozens at Dalhousie University, with whom she completed both an MSc (2004) and PhD (2009) in Physical Organic/Photochemistry investigating the excited state dynamics of carbocation intermediates within the confines of alkali-metal cation exchanged zeolites. In September 2009, Geniece and her husband packed up and moved to Ottawa where she began a Postdoctoral Fellowship under the supervision of Dr. Tito Scaiano at the University of Ottawa.  In September 2011 she was promoted to Research Assistant. During her time in Ottawa, Geniece was fortunate to collaborate and aide in the supervision of a multi-national research team. 

In November 2012, Geniece and David became first time parents to their daughter, Kaelyn.  In June 2014, they were thrilled to be given the opportunity to relocate back to their native East Coast, where Geniece took up the position of Assistant Professor within the Department of Chemistry at St. FX.