Graduate and Undergraduate Students

Bry Crabbe
Bry is from Woodstock, New Brunswick and made the decision at the beginning of his second year at StFX to go into Chemistry. Bry began research in our lab in Fall 2015 investigating the photocatalytic applications of nanoparticle-functionalized graphene and niobium oxides. He is currently examining the ability of gold nanoparticles to facilitate a range of carbon cross coupling reactions using light as the main reaction initiator. He graduated from StFX May 2016 with an advanced major in chemistry, and is continuing to work in our lab towards his MSc.

Oliver Kuehm
Oliver is currently a 4th year BSc Honors student in our group.  His project is focused on the use of nanoparticle/perovskite composites to photocatalytic induce C-C homocoupling reactions. He has a large interest in all forms of chemistry, most specifically in the areas of biochemistry and synthetic chemistry. 

Qianwen Xu
Qianwen has been working in our group since summer 2017 towards to completion of her BSc Honours degree and will be co-supervised with Dr. Brian MacLean.  Originally from China, Qianwen has been at StFX for the past year on an exchange program and will spearhead a new project between the Hallett-Tapley and MacLean research groups investigating the photochemical applications of dye/semiconductor composites in a variety of organic transformations.  She will work closely with Xin Wang, Dr. MacLean’s honour student, in this endeavour.

Katie Doran

Katie will be joining our group in Summer 2018 as our third RISE Scholar. Katie is a second year honours chemical biology student at McMaster University, in Hamilton, ON. and is very excited to learn more about the research behind materials used in alternative energy.

Andrew Duffy
Andrew will be joining our group in Summer 2018 towards completion of his BSc Honours project.  His work will be in collaboration with our visiting James Chair, Dr. Netto-Ferreira, and will examine the photocatalytic manipulation of lignin using nanoparticle functionalized perovskites and other semiconductor materials.  Andrew is a currently a third year chemistry student at StFX.

Research Associates and Visiting Professors

Chris Yourth

Chris recently joined our group in November 2017 as a 6-month research assistant.  Chris will work closely with our industrial partner, Genair8 Technologies, for prototype analysis and development in our current joint project examining the design of novel, alternative energy photovolatics.  Chris is a recent graduate of StFX (BSc Adv. Major ’16) and is looking forward to gaining valuable experience in the research environment.

Dr. José Carlos Netto Ferreira

Dr. Netto Ferreira is currently a research scientist at INMETRO Brazil and is Professor Emeritus at Federal Rural University of Rio de Janerio. Dr. Ferreira has authored more than 100 papers and has supervised countless graduate and undergraduate students over the course of his carrier.  He will be visiting StFX on as a 12 week Visiting James Research Chair. 

Former Group Members
  • Melissa Chassé - RISE Scholar 2017.   BSc Chem.Bio., McMaster University (currently in 3rd year of study)
  • Taylor Hope  - BSc Honours May 2017.  Currently: MSc Candidate, UQAM (Dr. M. Frenette)
  • Emily Piggott - BSc Honours May 2016.  Currently: MEng in Sustainable Energy, Carleton University
  • Jue Gong - BSc Honours May 2016.  Currently: MSc Memorial, University of Newfoundland, Dr. Fran Kerton.
  • Patrick Aquino - Co-op Summer Student 2016.  Currently: BEng, University of Waterloo
  • Pierre-Michel Jalbert - RISE Scholar 2016.   BSc Chem., UQAM (Graduated May, 2017)